Natural language processing
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Thalus delivers data-driven solutions and smarter products using advanced Analytics powered by Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.
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Natural Language Processing
Natural language processing techniques are used for processing text, understand it and act upon it by either classifying, understanding it's intent or generating automated response without human intervention. We leverage NLP technique models for understanding language, topic extraction, sentiment analysis and building customized chat-bots, search engines and other powerful products at nearly human level accuracy.
Deep Learning
Deep learning is inspired by the idea of modeling the human brain by building and training an “artificial neural network”, a machine learning algorithm mimicking the human brain. We use cutting edge Deep Learning algorithms for tasks like Computer vision, Object detection, text generation and character recognition using state of the art tools like PyTorch, Tensorflow and Keras.
Machine Learning
We boost legacy products by leveraging the power of machine learning to enable automated, faster decision making and increasing productivity. We use state of the art novel Machine Learning algorithms for various business problems like forecasting, targeted user marketing, decision making, market segmentation across diverse business areas.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in leveraging the power of open source techniques, working on latest technological advances and empowering businesses by making swift, scalable and data-driven products.

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